The material of monuments has long histroy as long as the history of human being.  People always tries best to use best quality of material to make tombstones to show their love and memorials to died friend, families.  There are lots of choice on material such as wooden,metal,plastic,crystal based on the demand of different customers. However, the most popular material for monuments should be stone considering its natural appearance and can bear different weather envirenment.
The development of mataerial for tombstone is  field stone→slate→sandstone→marble and limestone→granite
Fieldstone: The earliest material for monuments are fieldstone, some undermarked and other dcorated or incised using a metal awl. Typical motifs for the carving included a symbol and the died’s name and age. It is understood considering the limitation of tools,machine and technology at that period.
Slate:  Slate can have a pleasing texture but is slightly porous and prone to delamination. It takes lettering well, often highlighted with white paint or gilding. However,  the dimension of blocks of slate is very small and it is difficult to produce huge monuments or big project for government memorial projects.
Sandstone: Sandstone is durable yet soft enough to carve easily. It is popular material for monuments in 1600s replaced fieldstones. Some sandstone monuments are so well preserved that individual chisel marks can be discerned in the carving, while others have delaminiated and crumbled into dust. Delaminiation occurs when mositure gets between the layers that make up the sandstone. As it freezes and expands the layers flake off.
Marble and Limstone: Marble became a popular material from the early 1800s although its extra cost limited its appeal.Marble is a recrystallised form of limestone. Both limestone and marble can be good material for carving text or design on surface of headstones. However, both marble and limestone slowly dissolve when exposed to the mild acid in rainwater which can make inscriptions unreadable over time.
Granite: Recently years, lots of granite are used to produce monuments,tombstone,gravestone or other area of cemetery yards. It depends on the development of human beinng society. The grantie is hardest stone which is difficult to be mined comparing to above material which request good machine to be mined and require good machine & tools to cut,polish or carved words. Granite is good material for its good adaptablility to bad weather such as cloudy,rain,snow etc. and beatifukl colors.
HD can supply tombstones,monuments,gravestones,headstones in different granite,marble upon requested.
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