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We can supply various stone commodities for different purpose such as residential, commerical, public place etc. QRS stone can be used both inside and outside building, decoration etc. such as department, condo, coffee shops, hotel, restaurants, clubs, offical building, bridge, parks, gardens etc. Most of stone is from natural and the elengant color can beatify the environment and make it to be cohere with surround.
We can provide different stone such as tiles, slabs, stone tops, vanity tops, wall stones, roofing stones, flooring stones, mushroom stones, stone paver or paving stones, mosaic or medallions, mosaic patterns, cobble stones or pebble stones, riverstones, stone sinks, bathtubs, saniteries, casting statue, stone fountain, wall fountain, standing fountain, fireplaces, columns, pillars, handrails, windowsills, door surrounds, marble benches, granite tables, stone floating balls, landscaping stones, marble busts, stone broders, kerbstones, curbstones, blindstones, parking stones etc.
We make the stone in lots of finished ways to realize distinct impression: natural, luxury, elegant, grand, serious etc. The popular finished ways we use are polished, rubbering, honed, flamed, sandblasted, bushhammered into lychee, logan, pineapple, chiseled, split, acided, waterjet, glued, sawn by hand or machine, carved, grooved, rock picked, etching etc. Usually, we can suggest suitable finished way to stone material to make sure the final appearance will satify your demand on project or special favor etc.
We use different package for different stone products to make sure every piece of stone will reach to the destination place in good condition. Available package is fumigated wooden crates, wooden shelves, pvc bag, plastic foam, soft cloth etc.
For more info, welcome you to find stone you need from our photo gallery.

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