Cobble stones or pebble stones are widely used in interior or exterior ornaments such as garden or parks roads, pavement of street, surround of plans, floor of bathroom, lobby, wall decoration, power plants, geothermy, sewage disposal machine, etc.  Cobblestones are typically either set in sand or similar material, or are bound together with mortar. Paving with cobblestones allows a road to be heavily used all year long. It prevents the buildup of ruts often found in dirt roads. It has the additional beneficial advantage of not getting muddy in wet weather or dusty in dry weather.
Recently, all kinds of stone is called to be cobble stones which in small size, from natural.
Color selection: white, dark, red, green, grey, tiger skin, muticolor,
Size available: diameter: 5-10mm, 10-30mm, 20-40mm, 30-50mm, 40-60mm, 50-80mm, 80-120mm, 100-160mm, 160-320mm, 320-640mm, 500-800mm, 800-1200mm.  etc. or customized dimension.
Finished way: tumbled, polished, natural finished, honed, waxed, matted into requested size.
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