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HD trust that QC is the life of you and our company too. Therefore, we always regard it our most important duties in daily workings.
We always use it as part of job amony our communication with clients before or after sales.
Completely understanding on order:   we try best to understand clearly yours demand on quality such as color preference, size tolerance, finished requirement, quantity requested, packing for different distrance or way.  We will list these details in proforma invoice or contract very clearly to make sure to provice correct commodities for every clients.
Designer Dept:
we have professional designer who can make draft or drawing of monuments, headstones, gravestones, tombstones, vases etc. upon requested in CAD or other software upone requested.  Under this way, we are able to provide monuments in correct shape or design for every clients.
QC Dept.:  
we have QC department and the staff are very professional on stone commodities. We can inspect the every steps of your order such as blocks selection, cut to size, carved to shape, polished surface, packing, loading etc. We have staffs working at every seaport too who is charge of supervsing the loading process of every order to make sure that every crates will be loaded in correct way and reinforce them in wooden bars or  metals tripes.
Order Supervisor:
  Usually, the sales are order supervisor too as they know the demand of clients better. They can transfer the demand of clients to manufacture manager or engineer very well.
Delivery time:   DT is very important to important considering that only few months are susitable for the installation of monumetnts in different countries.
Therefore, we will inform clients the exact delivery time before they confirm the order and list it on proforma invoice.  We delivery every
order at the same time to PI.
QC Process:   Quarry→Blocks→Workshop Manufacture→Machines→ Packing →Loading 

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