Stone sinks and bathtubs mainly are used in bathroom or kicten rooms for cleaning purpose. This series also include other sanitary appliance such as stone taps, stone toliets, stone soapboxes, stone toothbrush cups, stone towel racks, stone bottles, stone stands or shelves, stone plates etc. which are useful in bathroom, beatify the environment, cohere with other stone there.

Material available: marble, granite, travertine, onxy or jade stone, limestone, lavastone, basalt stone, mosaic stone, etc.
Color selection: dark, white,green, blue, yellow, cream, gray, pink, red, muticolor, purple, coffee, brown, etc.
Finished way: inside polished, other sides to be polished, honed, rock picked, flamed, bushhammered, chiseled etc.
Sinks Standard size: diameter: 400mm,  in high: 150mm, 200mm, 250mm. or customized size.
Bathtubs size reference: long: 2000mm by wide 900mm, by high 800mm etc.

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