Mushroom stones is usually used as material for wall as its special natural appearance or rock face. Lots of stone can be made to be mushroom such as granite, marble, travertines, quartzite, travertine, limestone, sandstone, lavastone, besalt etc. The final appearance of mushroom in different material will be various on color, construction etc. So, we can satisfy your different requirement on wall decoration or building.
The dimension of mushroom stone is decided by the measurement of blocks, manufacture way and the demand from real project. The popular size is 100x200mm, 100x300mm, 150x300mm, 200x200mm, 200x400mm, 300x600mm or customized size. The thickness is 20-40mm, 20-50mm, 30-40mm, 50-60mm, 70-80mm, or any customized dimension.
We can also mix mushroom stone in different size or shape to realize special shape or design of wall in different places. The popular color for mushrooms is dark, gray, cream, white, rusty, white etc. which will conhere with other parts of building or projects very well. The popular finished way is sawn cut, splitting, natural surface, rock surface etc.  
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