As one of main supplier of tombstone in China, we are able to produce and supplier any kinds of monuments,headstones,kerbs,cemeteries surrounds,vases,posts,grave ground fences,luxury crosses design monuments to satify the requirement of clients from Russia or nearby countries.

Russia is a huge country in the world so the quantity demand on monuments are very big and usual styles are very simples to be headstone,base with one set of flower beds only.

With the development on technology of stone machines, we are able to produce monuments in any finished method such as polished visable parts,honed,sandblasted,sawn,rock picked to be natural surface,carved to be luxury design in different material such as absolute black granite,dark grey,red granite,tan brown, white marble. In addition, we are also provided lots of statue for cemtery yards such as kneeling angels,standing angels,cherubs,jesus,virgin mary or any customized scuplture or statue if you need.

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