Stone is natural material for building or construction and our ancient has started to use stone to build house or temple in many years ago.
Various color, good struction, good performance to different bad weather, easy to be produced etc. make stone to be widely used in architecture industry.
We supply different construction stone which can be used in multifarious places such as personal house, department, villa, hotel, church, restaurant, airport, subway, railway station, museum, etc.
The construction stone has different kinds such as wall stones, roofing stones, paving stones, blind stones, mushroom stones, palisade stones, steps stones, cubic stones, parking stones, kerbstones, curbstones, borderstones, stone windowsills, door surrounds, skirting stones, wall corner stones etc.
All of stone in the world can be used for construction such as granite, marble, limestone, travertine, sandstone, slate, quartzite, basalt, lavastone, onxy, artifical stone, etc. with various finished method for different purpose or place such as pol., honed, sawn, splited, bushhammered, acid, sandblasted, chiseled, watefilling, etc.
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